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Integra Biosciences PIPETBOY acu 2 Series



The PIPETBOY is a pipetting aid for serological pipettors that ensures productive work with plastic and glass pipettes: 
precision, speed and reliability. The new PIPETBOY acu 2 is used with serological pipettes in the volume range 1-100 
ml and pipetting is controlled by two operating buttons, an adjustment wheel for setting the pipetting speed and 
precise drop-by-drop dispensing is easily possible by applying a slight pressure on the operating button. PIPETBOY acu 
is now powered by high-performance Lithium polymer battery.


Lighter, ergonomic design - now 195g, 25g lighter


Precise dosing control


New Lithium polymer battery - power for more than  
5,500 cycles


Faster pipetting speed 11.5ml/s**


New Turbo mode - 13.5ml/s*

** With a 25ml serological pipette   


*  Must be plugged into the charger for turbo functionality 

Kit consists of - PIPETBOY acu power supply independent pipettor - Rechargeable 9V NiMH battery - Transformer - Sterile filter - Wall mount - Original Swiss Army knife



I155000 PIPETBOY acu Classic kit

I155015 PIPETBOY acu Green kit

I155016 PIPETBOY acu Red kit

I155017 PIPETBOY acu Blue kit

I155018 PIPETBOY acu Transparent kit

I155019 PIPETBOY acu Purple kit




Replaceable sterile filter prevents contamination


Autoclavable, silicone pipette mount


Suitable for 0.1 to 100ml plastic or glass pipettes


Six colours to choose from according to personal 
preferences and lab organisation.


3 year extended warranty upon registration 

Accessories/spare part for PIPETBOY acu



I153010 Separate rapid charger for 2 batteries (incl. one battery)

I155160 Battery compartment lid for PIPETBOY green

I155161 Battery compartment lid for PIPETBOY red

I155162 Battery compartment lid for PIPETBOY blue

I155163 Battery compartment lid for PIPETBOY transparent

I155203 Battery compartment lid for PIPETBOY grey

I155164 Battery compartment lid for PIPETBOY purple

I155150 Handle, without components for PIPETBOY green

I155151 Handle, without components for PIPETBOY red

I155152 Handle, without components for PIPETBOY blue

I155153 Handle, without components for PIPETBOY transparent

I155215 Handle, without components for PIPETBOY grey

I155154 Handle, without components for PIPETBOY purple

I155300 Control circuit board

I155270 Tubing, long

I151240 Intrim connector/coupling

I153252 Microswitch with plug

Filters, Mains Adaptor




I153212 Mains adaptor (UK)



I153235 O-ring

I155060 Pipette mount incl. O-ring (colour grey) for PIPETBOY acu green, blue, 

red & purple

I155230 Pipette mount incl. O-ring (colour green) for PIPETBOY acu grey & 


I153225 Filter rubber

I151020 Pipette mount, silicone

I155025 Sterile module complete, (colour green) for PIPETBOY acu grey & 


I155070 Sterile module complete, (colour grey) for PIPETBOY acu green, blue, 

red & purple

I151219 Dosing valve, complete for PIPETBOY acu, grey & transparent

I152219 Dosing valve, complete for PIPETBOY acu, green, blue, red & purple

I155200 Membrane pump, complete with motor

I155210 Charger socket complete with connector cable

I155230 Tubing, short

I153005 9V NiMH