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Scientific Industries Mixer Multi-Microplate



A sturdy mixer that has a capacity of up to 8 microplates with the addition of an optional deck. Mixing features ensures complete 
mixing of any standard footprint skirted plate up to 384-well format.


Speed 750-2700rpm (Analog)/500-2850rpm (Digital)


Orbit 1mm


Timer 1-60 minutes (Analog)/1-90 minutes (Digital)


Pulse-ON/OFF (Digital) 0.1 seconds - 99 minutes


Maximum capacity 8 microplates


Dimensions 335 x 240 x 165mm 




MIX5200 Multi-Microplate

MIX5302 Multi-MicroPlate Genie, Digital

Grant PHMP and PHMP-4 for Microplates



PHMP and PHMP-4 offers excellent temperature uniformity across the platform/micro plate, variable speed and variable temperature 
and is ideal for micro plate incubations.  Can be used with all types of standard depth micro plates and offers three instruments in one:  
a micro plate thermo shaker, a compact bench top incubator without shaking and a micro plate shaker operating at ambient + 5°C.  
Key features include:


Temperature setting range: + 25 to 60°C.


Uniformity ± 0.2°C due to the bi-directional heating system (platform and lid).


Shaking speed: 250 to 1200 rpm. 


Continuous or timed operation, with alarm buzzer and automatic switch-off facility.


Choice of two models with capacity for two or four micro plates.


Display of both set and actual temperature and shaking speed.


Soft start/stop protects samples.


Easy to use



SHA7900 Microplate thermo-shaker for 2 x 96- or 384-well plates

SHA7980 Microplate thermo-shaker for 4 x 96- or 384-well plates

Grant PMS-1000 Microplate Shaker



The Grant-bio PMS-1000 microplate shaker provides reliable, regulated shaking for two or four microplates with a speed range of 150 
to 1000rpm.


Variable speed, horizontal microtitre plate shaker


Variable speed: 150 to 1000rpm


Orbit: 2mm


Integral timer, 1 minute to 24 hours, with automatic switch-off


Standard platform for two microplates, optional accessory platform for four microplates


Low voltage power supply enables safe coldroom operation


Operating ambient temperature range 4°C to 45°C, for use in coldroom or incubator


Low energy consumption

MPP-4 Platform to accommodate 4 microtitre plates; allows shadow-free positioning of all four plates, screw fitting for ease and speed of 
plate installations, to retain the plates securely in position.



SHA7910 PMS-1000 microplate shaker, complete with standard platform for 2 microplates

SHA7912 MPP-4 platform for 4 microplates