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Grant-bio PHMT Microtube Shaker



The Grant-bio PHMT is a compact benchtop shaking incubator, ideal for all applications requiring heating and shaking in 
microcentrifuge tubes.


Variable speed, variable temperature microtube thermoshaker


Variable speed: 250 to 1400rpm for gentle to vigorous mixing


2mm shaking orbit for effective mixing


Soft start


Temperature range: ambient +5 to 100°C


Timed shaking operation: 1 minute to 96 hours with buzzer and automatic switch-off


Low voltage power supply enables safe cold room operation


Operating ambient temperature range 4°C to 45°C for use in a cold room or incubator


Dimensions 205 x 230 x 130mm (W x D x H)


Two block options available 



SHA7920 PHMT Microtube Shaker (requires block)

SHA7922 Block for 20 x 2mL microtubes

SHA7924 Block for 20 x 0.5 & 12 x 1.5/2mL microtubes

Stuart Microtitre Plate Shaker Incubator, S1505



The SI505 has been designed specifically to combine a bench top laboratory incubator with the specific mixing action 
required for microtitre plates and features a USB connection which allows the incubator to be connected to a PC for long 
term monitoring of the incubator temperature, over night or weekends for example.


Combined Incubator shaker for micrtotitre plates


Optimised performance to minimise sample evaporation


Digital display for temperature and speed


Integrated timer


Retractable platform for easy loading and unloading






Technical Specifications

Temperature range, °C

Ambient + 7 to 60


4 x Microtitre plate or 2 x microtube racks

Temperature fluctuation, °C

± 0.5 at 37

Temperature variation, °C

<0.6 at 37

Speed range, rpm

250 to 1250

Speed control, rpm

Digital set in 10rpm increments

Orbit diameter, mm


Platform size, mm

220 x 220

Relative humidity

~80% (using water trays)

Maximum load, Kg


Overall dimensions (WxDxH) mm

361 x 405 x 430

Net weight, Kg




SHA3051 Microtitre plate shaker incubator

SHA3052 Tube holder for 1.5mL tubes

SHA3054 Tube holder for 0.5mL tubes

SHA3056 Tube holder for 0.2mL tubes

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