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Designed to suit a wide range 
of budgets, industries and 

Spring Sale

The newest range of spectrophotometers from Jenway offers 4 standard 
spectrophotometers and 2 spectrophotometers dedicated to life science analysis

•  Icon driven software

•  Press to read xenon lamp

•  Save directly to USB memory stick

•  Small footprint

•  Autologging capabilities

•  5nm spectral bandwidth

•  Spectral scanning across the entire

wavelength range

•  Extensive range of accessories

•  3 year warranty including xenon lamp

A Bibby Scientific Brand

Designed for a wide variety 
of applications including life 
science applications.

Small Footprint
Big Benefits

Jenway’s  73  series  range  of  spectrophotometers  use  icon  driven
software and have an improved navigation system for easy and intuitive
usability. The basic models, 7300 and 7305 have measurement modes for
photometrics and concentration; the advanced models, 7310 and 7315
have additional modes for spectrum scanning, quantitation and kinetics.

The  range  also  includes  two  spectrophotometers  dedicated  to  life
science  analysis,  models  Genova  Plus  and  Genova  Nano.  The  Genova
Nano  is  a  micro-volume  spectrophotometer,  where  the  sample  can  be
pipetted  directly  onto  the  read  head,  removing  the  requirement  for
cuvettes.  These  spectrophotometers  allow  the  measurement  of  DNA
concentrations, purity ratios, protein concentrations and optical density.