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WPA S800 Visible Spectrophotometer



The Biochrom WPA S800 visible spectrophotometer is compact, lightweight and ideal for student use in busy teaching laboratories. A large 
display that is easy to read and the instrument is simple to set up and use giving rapid results whilst a lack of lid and moving parTs ensures 
that the instrument is robust, easy to maintain, clean and store. Accepts standard 10mm pathlength cuvettes, a test tube adaptor set is 
available for use with 10, 12 and 16mm tubes and can measure Absorbance, % Transmission and Concentration as well as being able to 
output absorbance-time plots directly to chart recorder. 
The instrument is supplied with a starter pack which includes a pack of disposable plastic cuvettes and Grafico PC utility software package 
(32-bit PC compatible with serial lead) providing students with the means to capture, print and interpret all results, including a basic 
wavelength scan, on a PC. Data may be easily exported from Grafico into Excel, plus the Grafico software includes an educational tutorial 
on UV/Visible spectrophotometry. 
Features and benefits include:


7nm bandwith single beam diode array visible spectrophotometer covering 330-800nm 


Compact, easy to use, service, clean and store 


Absorbance, % Transmission, Concentration and kinetics 


Educational experiments and tutorial included 


Grafico PC utility software and cable included 



Wavelength Accuracy

Alt Ref

SPE3048 S800 Visible Spectrophotometer








Test tube adapters 10, 12 and 16mm


Spare Lamp

WPA Biowave DNA



The Biowave DNA is a dedicated Life Science spectrophotometer offering  pre-defined methodologies for nucleic acid quantification (DNA, 
RNA and oligionucleotides), protein assays (BCA, Biuret, Bradford and Lowry) and for cell culture density measurements. The visualisation 
of the nucleic acid scan is particularly useful, especially for RNA samples where impurities may be present in the 230nm region, yet not have 
an adverse effect on the A260/A280 ratio. The system is compatible with disposable low volume UV cuvettes.
All results may be printed to an optional integrated high quality printer for a permanent record or via either a USB Cable or SD card 
accessory(both options) to a suitable PC for storage or printing.


Novel Gifford Optics for high energy combined with a xenon source for long lamp lifetime


Simple selection software with stored methods for life science applications


Nucleic acid scans for purity checking


Integrated printer (option)


SD card accessory for data & method storage/export (option)


Long life Xenon source


Wavelength: 190 - 1100nm


Bandwidth: 5nm


10mm cell pathlength


Ultra low 10μL volume read capacity


9 method storage


USB interface


Size: 260 x 390 x 100mm (W x D x H)





Biowave DNA


Biowave DNA with printer


Biowave DNA with SD card accessory