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Clonetics™ Primary Cells and Media 
The Trusted Path to Relevant Results


Primary Cells and Media Ad – 

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Choose Lonza for Optimal Cell Performance

Lonza’s primary cells and media are globally renowned for quality and 
reliability. With over 40 years of experience and referenced in 10 times 
more publications than other suppliers, Lonza can deliver the quality 
you need to obtain reliable, and biologically relevant results every time.

Our breadth of cell type offering is unmatched and spans across research 
areas such as respiratory, neurobiology, cancer, stem cells, diabetes, 
cardiovascular and others.

Clonetics™ Primary Cells Portfolio:


– 100


 cell types – cryopreserved or proliferating, human and animal


– Broad donor variety – large selection of donors for most cell types


– Cells from normal and diseased tissues


– Optimized Growth Media BulletKit™ for each cell type

The trusted path to results starts with Lonza.

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