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Integra Bioscience Flask Stirrer CELLSPIN



The CELLSPIN is a stirrer for cultivating cells in spinner bottles with culture volumes from 100 to 1000mL. The speed 
(5-75 rpm) and other stirring parameters can be individually programmed and modified at any time via the control 
unit, which is located outside of the incubator. In case of power failure or accidental disconnection of control and 
spinner units an alarm system is activated. The corrosion-free and sturdy construction makes the CELLSPIN a reliable 
cell culture system that will keep your cells always "on the move".


Compact stirring unit suitable for four different flask sizes (100, 250, 500, 1000mL) allowing convenient culture 


Optimised spinner flask design for improved medium oxygenation and minimal shear forces to create ideal cell 
growth conditions


The control unit can be installed outside the incubator and the stirring unit is sealed in order to eliminate corrosion damage thereby guaranteeing reliable, long-lasting cell cultivation


Easy system adaptation for the use of disposable or impeller-type spinner bottles for a wide range of culture systems and applications


The control unit can be used for CELLSPIN and CELLROLL simultaneously



I183001 CELLSPIN (5-75rpm) incl. stirring platform with 4 stirring positions, control unit, power supply and control cable

Basic Components




I183013 Control unit incl. power supply

I183015 Stirring platform with 4 stirring positions, incl. control cable

Accessories/Spare Parts




I186041 Interface for serial printer connection (Y-cable)

I186050 Control cable (2m) for second output

I186238 Power supply

I182023 Spinner flask with 1 pendulum, 100mL

I182026 Spinner flask with 2 pendula, 250mL

I182051 Spinner flask with 2 pendula, 500mL

I182101 Spinner flask with 2 pendula, 1L

I182217 Middle cap for spinner flask (100 - 1000mL)

I182781 Side cap for spinner flask (250 - 1000mL)

I182701 Glass pendulum for 100mL

I182703 Glass pendulum for 250mL

I182706 Glass pendulum for 500 and 1000mL

I183260 Conversion kit for impeller-type flasks